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Welcome to Aum Project Developers Pvt. Ltd.


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Corporate Profile:

AUM PROJECT DEVELOPER PVT. LTD. is a fast growing fortune company, headquartered in Ahmedabad, spread its operations all over India. We support diverse businesses to have sustainable, alteative and continuous revenue generation opportunities through value added and premium services. We were into Real Estate management and now we are coming up with multiple services.


Our Team: Our Team possesses the essence of teamwork. Our team empowered by constantly grooming to offer better services and adopt world-class processes. We emphasize on improving expertise at every level of workforce. Our main objective is to demonstrate our core strengths such as quality service, technical support and world-class service customization.



Concept: We present our clients with added revenues through our innovative service delivery. We enable business organizations to generate more revenue by providing our services to their customers under one roof.

Our concept enables them to generate great revenue with minimum effort in terms of investment and time. This concept supports to get more profit from value added and premium services.

Our Vision: To become a premier organization providing repair and all types of services and solutions to the information and Communication Technologies, to create service and repair centers all across the country that provides quality repair and service facilities which will ensure

  • Customer satisfaction and preference
  • Continuous profitable growth
  • Fulfilling social obligations
  • customer growth
  • Franchisees growth

Through continuous improvements of processes focused on quality, productivity and cost effectiveness and by creating an environment which encourages team sprit and where each individual’s contribution is recognized, valued and required. Each individual enjoys and excels in work when every individual gives his best to achieve the shared vision.

Our Mission: To be leader in the project and constantly services, to deliver quality solutions to our clients, and strive for excellence. To achieve 100% inteal and exteal customer satisfaction.

In order to accomplish our vision, we have adopted the following objectives:

  • To render a high quality service delivery by experts in the field of sales, marketing and service sectors.
  • To provide a fully developed package of value added and premium services to business organizations.
  • To facilitate customers with an innovation range of support services.


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