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Project Consultancy & Finance


Project Consultancy and Financing

Project finance is the generic term used to describe a project where the debt finance for that project is provided in reliance upon an assessment of the viability of the project. The lender's recourse is usually solely to the cash flow and, if necessary, the assets of the project, including contracts for the supply of raw materials, the sale of the finished product and a host of other arrangements relating to the continuing operation of the project. In contrast to funding the general business activities of a borrower, project finance concentrates on the financial viability of the project and ensuring that it will continue to be robust in any reasonably foreseeable circumstance, rather than placing substantial reliance on the continued creditworthiness of the borrowing entity.


Project Funding Solutions – The Finance Source offer comprehensive international project funding programs for project owners seeking large sums of funding. Products include Debt Funding, Equity Funding & Joint Venture Funding.

The Finance Source provides a varied range of international project funding programs tailored to fit the individual requirements of our clients. We are always searching for new methods to offer a larger range of project funding options. In turn, our vast network of investors are always looking for new and varied projects in which to invest. The following is a list of typical examples of what we are able to arrange project funding for:

  • Hotels/Motels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Petrol/Gas Stations
  • Apartment Complexes & Condos
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Financial Institutions
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transports and Utilities
  • Technology
  • Mining
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy

What we provide in PROJECT REPORT(PR) are as follows :

1.            HOW PR HELP ?


·         Scan the business environment

·         Help in taking informed decisions

·         Help in predicting demand

·         SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat)

·         Data collection and analysis

a)            Scan the business environment

                *             Social

                *             Industrial

                *             International

                *             Internal factors

                *             Economical

                *             Financial

                *             Regulatory

b)            Help in taking informed decision

                1. Choice of strategy

                2. Scale of business

                3. Target market segment

                4. Distribution Model

                5. Pricing Strategy

c)            Help in Predicting demand

                1. Domestic Demand

                2. International Demand

                3. Gap in Demand and Supply

                4. Installed capacity (total capacity)

                5. Utilized capacity

d)            SWOT Analysis

                1. Strength

                2. Weakness

                3. Opportunity

                4. Threat

e)            Data collection and Analysis

                1. Primary source

                2. secondary source

                3. Trend Analysis

                4. Graphs and Tables

f)             Features of Data Collection

                1. Accuracy of data

                2. Relevance of data

                3. Sources of data (primary and secondary)

2.                   Parts of the PR


a)      Educational Reports

1.       Acknowledgement

2.       Research methodology

3.       Brief History

4.       Company Profile

5.       Present Marketing strategy

6.       Data analysis and interpretation

7.       Products and office address

8.       Conclusion

9.       Recommendation

10.   Bibliography ( sources from where data has taken)

11.   Annexure (survey done, etc)


3.            Building Cost :

                1. Total area ( length and breath )

                2. Administration area

                3. Parking area

                4. Boundary wall

                5. Area of Construction

4.            Land Cost

5.            Fixed Assets : 1. Machinery with all details

                2. Land and Building with all details

                3. Computers, 4. Furniture, etc with rate of depreciation

6.            Requirement of Working Capital

                1. for the Raw Material

                2. for the  Administration expense

                3. for the  Selling and distribution expense

                4. for the Contingency

                5. for the Electricity

                6. for the sales and Advertisement

                7. other expenses

7.            Means of the Finance

                1. Loans for the Fixed Assets

                2. Promoter’s Contributions

                3.Working capital loans

8.            Total Cost of Production

                1. Recurring Cost

                2. Interest rates

                3. Depreciation

                4. Production Cost

9.            Sales

                1. Receipts

                2. Printing

                3. Scrap

10.          Profit before tax

                Less : Tax

                Profit after tax

11.          BEP (break even point) : Fixed Cost * 100


                                                                    Fixed cost +Profit

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