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Education Projects


TYPES OF SERVICES for Schools, College and Coaching Centre :


1.     School Project  

2.     College Project

3.     To Develop Chain of Coaching Centres

We Provide the following services for development of  School, College, Coaching Centre, etc.

1.     Generating the Admissions.

2.     Converting Inquiry into confirmation.

3.     Training to Principals/Vice Principals/Coordinators/Teachers, etc.

4.     Development of Infrastructure as per vision

5.     Up grading the systems

6.     Assessment, Analyzing, content development, etc.

7.     Creating healthy environment for work

8.     Accounting Part (Fees paid, Fees Outstanding, Total fees, entries should be made, bills are to be paid on time and outstanding receipts should be collected soon, proper tax structure should be maintained, all the employees should be paid on time, etc).

9.     Looking after the Administrative work (stationery, house keeping, attendance and records, equipments, etc.).

10. Looking after the Schedule of Non-Teaching Staff.

11.  Looking after the Schedule and Time Table of  Teachers/Students.

12.  Fulfilling the requirement of the Students, Teachers/Trainers and Non-Teaching staff as per the objective.

13.  Arrangement of the weekly tests, monthly tests and quarterly exams

14.  Preparing the database for the students and teachers.

15.  Allocation of duties to the staff as per the requirement.

16. Interaction with the parents and students.

17.Arrangement of meeting for the teachers and the staff members.

18.Arrangement of parents meeting and interaction on the problems affecting the students.

19.To arrange the extra lectures for the weak students and focus on them to upgrade the poor results.

20.To Co-ordinate the syllabus of different school.

21.To Co-ordinate the syllabus of all centre.

22.To Maintain the Question Bank for the benefit of the students and teachers.

23.To make the assignment and home work schedule for the students on regular basis.

24.To maintain the regularity of the students and other staff

25.To give them the library or classroom with an additional teacher if required for the extra work or to upgrade their results.

26.To see that the mass communication can be done through the students by giving them the best results.

27.To make the different scholarship schemes for the benefit of the Organization and  Students.

28.To see that the external problems should not affect the organization and students directly or indirectly.

29. Arranging the seminars and workshops for the benefits of the students and teachers/trainers.

30.Discuss the problems personally with the students and teachers to rectify the factors affecting adversely to the objective of the organization.

31.To maintain positive atmosphere and healthy environment.

32.Try to reduce the cost of recurring expenditure ( By reducing : the electricity consumption, stationery, chalks or marker pen, bargaining the salary or per lecture consideration of the teacher/trainer, telephone expenditure, tea expenses, transport expenses, correspondence expenses, etc).

33.To maximize the strength of the students by hook or crook.

34.Try to give the best quality of education with real knowledge.

35.Will give the objective to the students to study and achieve our objective.

36.Collecting the student database from different sources.

37.To keep eagle watch on the strategies and methods adopted by the Competitors.

38.To keep updating the data of the teachers and the students.

39.To keep the records of the different boards, amendment or any circular issued by the board for the students or related to the education.

40.Keep the record of all the best teachers in the market as per the board and strategies followed by them.

41. Will maximize the profits of the organization and converting the Private Ltd. into Public Ltd.

42.Upgrade infrastructure facilities like

·        The school building should have well-ventilated modern classrooms equipped with state of the art audiovisual gadgets.

·        Well-equipped computer labs with modern apparatus and computer equipments.

·        Well-equipped library with online search facility.

·        It should have separate dormitories for senior and junior students with live in supervisors, with a separate dormitory of girls.

·        Auditorium and an Indoor sports complex

·      Wi-Fi connectivity, uninterrupted power supply etc.

·        Other facilities such as playgrounds( Sports like   Circket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Long Tennis etc. ), departmental store, canteen etc.

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