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Forex Consultancy

AUM Project Developers as an  Consultants has embarked on a mission to assist forex brokers with the best and most consistent trading and marketing solutions available today. With all of the resources and relationships AUM  has built over the last 5 years of compaign experience in the forex brokerage indutry, it is no wonder how we have been able to increase brokers' profit while descreasing operational risk.

When selecting a CURRENCY Brokerage Consultancy firm, it is crucial that you find one that you can trust and rely on. Here at AUM  Consultants, we pride ourselves in giving our broker clients what we believe to be the support, tools, and education required to be able to learn the full spectrum of Currency brokerage related strategies. With Currency professionals and successful brokers teaching our clients how, when and why to enter into the forex business, we believe that we represent one of the few successful Currency consultancy companies in the marketplace.

Our clients come from all over the world and have a sincere desire to learn what it takes to make money as a Currency broker. There are no pre-requisites to taking our advise, just a burning desire to increase profits and be at the top of this highly competitive industry.


·       Marketing Analysis

·       Business Model revision

·       PSP (Payment Service Providers)

·       Forex Tutorial videos to attract beginner traders

·       Behavior Analysis Tools to increase the broker conversion and retention

·       Broker Solution Vendor Selection

·       Start up broker training

 Marketing Services

The Forex industry is growing rapidly, hundreds of Forex brokers are already in existence whilst thousands are Introducing Brokers. Our marketing strategies and sales solutions will help you be a leader in this emerging industry.

We will help you; increase conversion of prospects, develop and spread web presence, launch advertising campaigns, increase customer deposits, promote customer loyalty and retention and boost lead numbers while reducing your costs-per-lead. 


Technology Consulting

With the constant evolution of the Forex industry and the inevitable development of new technologies, we will help you keep up with the best Forex platforms out there to suite the needs of your company.

We will help you; create custom Meta Trader bridges, start your own MT4/5 white label, propose alternative front-end trading platforms and reduce latency with server co-location.

Legal Structures

Forex regulations are maintained and monitored by various official international bodies whose job it is to make sure that forex providers stick to the forex regulations in anything they do.

FSC, FSA, etc ( we manage any other regulatory body also as per the client’s requirement)
With the expansion of Forex companies in today's industry, it is highly recommended to create a registered Forex broker. We offer the ability to open a licensed company and bank account at top, well known banks that are willing to work with licensed Forex companies

We will arrange the following thing for the clients as per their requirements : 

  • Company formation
  • Bank Accounts
  • Office Setup
  • Regulatory Body’s Licence
  • Broking Licence
  • IT Solutions ( Softwares, etc.)
  • Back Office Support
  • Market Research (World wide)
  • Detailed Surveys
  • Account/Fund Managers ( Fund Management )
  • Online Training and Material 

Wealth Mangement
Wealth Mangement